Sunday, 29 April 2018

Coco Schuhmann Ruhe in Frieden

Heinz Jakob “Coco” Schumann, Jazz guitarist & drummer and Holocaust survivor, 
author of the autobiography "Der Ghetto-Swinger: Eine Jazzlegende erzählt" 1997 
und "Solange ich Musik mache, habe ich keine Zeit alt zu werden"2014,
born on 14 May 1924; died on 28 January 2018

In 1944 he played in the Theresienstadt Jazz band, the so called Ghetto Swingers

After the war he recorded with Helmut Zacharias 
and other well known German musicians.

In1950 he emigrated with his family to Australia,
but returned 1954 homesick back to Berlin

"Shishkebab" Live 1955 at "Rex Casino am Zoo, Berlin

In 1976 he reunited with Helmuth Zacharias:

Helmut Zacharias, Coco Schumann - When you smile 

TV Interview (German)




Double CD - 50 Years in Jazz

Rex Casino CD + DVD

Coco Now (live)!




I got rhythm: Das Leben der Jazzlegende Coco Schumann 
by Caroline Gille & Niels Schröder (German) 2014

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