Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Xmess Season's Upon Us, aaagain!

Yeah the bells are jingling around us and it's time for my yearly Xmess round up again.

The Season's Upon Us by the Dropkick Murphys is already a classic:

Stickin' with the punky Irish vibe:

And all those cowboys out there need a little ball as well:

Time to change the vibe slightly:

Of course they're celebratin' in Dancehall as well:

And we shouldn't forget the funky and naughty side of Xmas:

Yeah Santa needs some lovin' too!

This lady has a surprisingly funky Christmas!

Xmas out of this world with Sun Ra:

and the Yo La Tengo cover of  "It's Christmas Time"

Must be ... Bob

Weird Yello Xmess

Even Weirder: Tom Waits take on Silent Night

The weirdest: Gape Kerkelig (that's what spell check made out of Hape Kerkeling) Merry Christmas

That's it for this year, folks!
And don't forget to enjoy the festive period until new year all you miserable sods out there!

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New Year's post!

Pick up a fantastic Christmas mix from Cat A. Waller's Strange Ass Mixes:

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