Thursday, 23 April 2020

Corona virus video collection

Since the spread of the so called Corona virus and the resulting Covid 19 sickness from China around the world a new musical sub genre has emerged and spread via social media and online hosts. I have tried to collect here some of the (in my view) best  examples and I guess this genre will be around for  a while.
It started with the parody of well known songs from the history of Pop music, but longer into quarantine more orginal songs started to appear.

But before we start don't forget: Stay at Home, Wash your Hands and Stay Safe and don't forget to clean your phone screen / keyboard regularly!

And if you had enough of singing "Happy Birthday" while washing hands here are some 20 second alternatives: 

This was the first song I received in February, which start starts also my round up
Fight Coronavirus Song -Wuhan China
Sound of Silence Parody by Alvin Oon

Tom Jones Parody Corona Virus

Some prominent singers adapted their own songs:

Even Ralph McTell has updated his hit "Streets of London" for the coronavirus era: Here

Kaiser chiefs - Oh My God

Of course the Fab 4  song catalague is a popular target for parody:

Yesterday (Lockdown Acapella Version) by The Kiffness

Here Comes The Sun - Camden Voices (self-isolation/virtual choir cover)

Solo Beatles are in demand too:

Imagine (there’s no bog roll)

Can't Get No (Sanitiser) - A Covid-19 Parody [Family]

Some Bee Gees classics 

were also used:

 ABBA as well

Queen songs 

(especially Bohemian Rapsody)  are a very popular choice:

Coronavirus Rhapsody

Here they managed to include Donald Trump in the video:

Quarantine Song (Donald Trump Cover) Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Or here Trump vs Talking Heads

Bohemian Virus Rhapsody after Queen COVID-19  by Jennifer Corday

Coronavirus Rhapsody

The Kiffness - Lockdown Rhapsody 

Coronavirus Responders - You Are The Champions

My Corona by Chris Mann

Crappy (Pharrell - Happy 5G Conspiracy Parody)

Coronavirus Rising (CCR Parody) | Mike The Music Snob

Fifty Ways to Catch Corona - Paul Simon Coronavirus Parody (covid-19 Song Remix)

Bob Dylan

Margot Cotten - Stuck Inside Of Paris With The Virus Blues Again

Margot Cotten - I'm Your Virus

Corona (Parody of Lola by The Kinks)

Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann

@Daycare Closed' by Chris Mann (A Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus Parody)

"U CAN'T TOUCH THIS" - COVID 19 Edition 
(Made Entirely With Healthcare Products)

There also original songs with a Corona / Covid 19 topic:

"Stay Home" by Big & Rich 

Coronavirus Song in London - Austrian Fun(k) Music by Prinz Leo

and there is already a Corona Dance:

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Let's Fight COVID-19 

It spread to Germany:





Zorman - Corona virus canzion

and of course there is a concerto:

and it spread around the world:

Corona Virus Alert by BOBI WINE & NUBIAN LI (Uganda)

Ndlovu Youth Choir - We've Got This  (South Africa)

 Coronavirus - Cumbia versión Hispanoamérica

So how long will this be going on?

I hope you enjoyed my collection of Corona Virus v/ Covid-19 Videos, but please don' t forget to support all this creative people out there in difficult times like this! A lot of performers are running out of dosh, cash, money, as they can't perform live! Most of the the artists have donation links on their YouTube channels and website or just support them through legally downloading & buying their content, merch & recordings!

As usual I am looking forward to any suggestions and feedback!

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